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Fire damage doesn’t just affect the structure of your property – it affects everything inside it as well. You will have to get rid of not only your home’s physical contents but also all of your belongings.

Anything you have in the building – furniture, books, electronics, clothing, etc. – could be unsalvageable.

In such instances, it’s very important to have assistance from a fire restoration company that knows what they’re doing. More importantly, you want to get fire damage restoration service in Tacoma, Washington services from fire damage experts that do everything so that you don’t have to hire three to four different contractors.

Our network of fire damage professionals provide a host of services, including inspection, cleaning, drywall replacement, and post-fire repairs, such as plumbing, flooring, walls, ceiling repair, and electrical repairs.

If you have any questions about fire restoration solutions or our fire damage estimates in Tacoma, Washington, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Benefits of Hiring a Fire Damage Restoration Tacoma Expert

Often, homeowners think they can deal with the mess after a fire. But this isn’t true in most cases. If it’s a small fire, you may be able to take care of the cleanup and flooring repairs. But for larger fires, you must hire a team of experts to restore your home to its original condition.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Service

Experience and Equipment

Tacoma fire damage restoration requires specialized equipment and many years of experience to do work that’s effective and efficient. If you try to restore your own home, you could fail to do the job properly.

This will cause more damage and may even destroy some of your items so that they’re beyond repair. When you hire professionals, they know just what needs to be done in order to get rid of any remaining dust or smoke smells quickly.

They also have experience working with insurance companies if this is required to receive your settlement.

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Less Stress, More Efficiency

When you hire experts to restore your home after a fire, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary stress. The restoration experts will work quickly and efficiently, restoring your property in no time, so you don’t have to worry about living without these belongings for long.

Plus, the workers will help you with documentation and insurance paperwork, speeding up the process even more and making this a simple process.

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Eliminate Burning Smell

Even when the fire has been put off, there’s a burning smell that can linger around your home for weeks. This is very unpleasant and may affect the quality of life you have in your own house.

Restoration professionals will ensure that this smell is completely gone within no time, leaving you with a clean environment to return to after all repairs are complete. However, if you tried restoring your property after a fire yourself, you’d have a hard time getting rid of this smell.

Prevent Lasting Damage

If you try to restore your home on your own, you’ll cause further damage and end up spending more money. A professional company knows how to remove the soot and restore the flooring materials quickly.

Moreover, you may take too long to fix the water damage – often caused due to fire damage to plumbing – that’s seeping into your sub-flooring. This can cause mold to grow, which will be harmful to you and your family.

Meanwhile, fire damage restoration experts located in Tacoma knows exactly which steps to take and can ensure that the process doesn’t take more than a few days.


The Fire Damage Restoration Tacoma Experts Locals Rely On!

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration in Tacoma involves the process of restoring a structure to its pre-fire condition. This is achieved through repairs and renovations, which can vary in scale and scope.

What Is Fire Damage Clean Up?

Fire damage clean up is the more immediate part of fire damage restoration. It involves removing damaged materials such as carpeting, flooring, and drywall. This creates the necessary space for water removal, fire damage inspection, and other restoration procedures to commence.

What Are The Dangers Of Fire Damage Clean Up?

The dangers of fire damage clean up include exposure to hazardous materials (such as asbestos), respiratory ailments (from mold or dust), and electrical hazards. It is therefore highly recommended that you let reputable, trained professionals handle this task.

What Is The Difference Between Water Damage Restoration And Fire Damage Restoration?

The difference between water damage restoration and fire damage restoration is that the latter involves a much more significant level of clean up compared to the former. In terms of which one is worse for your home or business, both can cause severe damage if not handled immediately, though it is harder to fix the damage from a water leak.

What Is The First Step In Fire Damage Restoration Or Clean Up?

The first step in fire damage restoration or clean up is to contact a reputable company that deals with disasters on a daily basis. Such companies have state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal and highly trained teams, ensuring that your home or business is restored to its original condition as quickly and safely as possible.

What Is Smoke Damage?

Smoke is a byproduct of fire, so smoke damage refers to the residue left in your home or business after a fire has been put out. It can permeate through walls, leaving them blackened and heavily soiled, while also penetrating furniture and belongings, which can smell strongly of smoke for a long time after the fire.

What Causes Smoke Damage?

Smoke damage has many causes, including wildfires, house fires, cigarettes, car accidents, wood stoves, space heaters, and chimneys. It generally occurs when there is burning or extreme heat which produces soot and other harmful byproducts.

What Are The Signs Of Smoke Damage?

The signs of smoke damage include soot and black stains, peeling paint, acrid odors, and warped flooring or walls. It is therefore very important to determine whether you have been affected by fire damage as soon as possible.

How Do You Remediate Fire Damage?

Fire damage remediation involves two steps: fire damage restoration and smoke or soot damage clean up. It is important to determine which of these two types of damage your home or business has since remediation will vary depending on the type of fire damage present.

How Long Does Fire Damage Restoration Take?

Fire damage restoration can take a long time, so it’s better to have your home or business restored by a reputable company with experience in restoring properties affected by fire damage. It can take several weeks to months, depending on the damage. If the entire structure has been damaged, this period could be prolonged even further.

Fire Damage Cleanup: What Needs to Be Done?

When you’re dealing with fire damage in Tacoma, the situation can get overwhelming quickly. There are many things that need to be done in order to get your life back to normal after a fire has raged through your house.
The first things you need to take care of, though, are removing burned objects and doing fire damage restoration clean up.

Here are the things that need to be cleaned:


Firstly, the furniture in your house will need to be removed as it contains fiberglass, which can cause serious irritation if you inhale the fibers.

Window Drapes

If your window drapes have been burned or singed, they’ll need to be replaced. The same goes for any burnt-out light bulbs.

Smoke and Soot

Areas where smoke and soot have settled will need a thorough smoke damage cleaning by professionals in Tacoma, Washington before you can continue with the rest of the clean up process.


If there are curtains, they may also contain fiberglass and should be taken down and thrown away immediately. There’s also a chance that some of them have been burned or singed, so you’ll want to remove them as well.

After all of these things have been done, it’s time to move on to the actual fire damage cleanup process for Tacoma, Washington.

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Fire damage restoration services in Tacoma

Steps of Fire Damage Restoration for Tacoma, Washington

Before fire damage restoration can take place in Tacoma, Washington, the fire damage restoration company will lay out the steps needed to get your home back to its original shape.

Here are the steps that take place during the process.

First and foremost, the homeowner must contact a service professional immediately. The experts will begin to formulate their plan based on the amount of damage caused by the fire, whether it is heavy or light smoke damage.

Once they have decided what steps need to be taken, the experts will move forward with washing down your home while more experts are called in, such as water extraction and mold remediation.

After the water extraction units arrive, they will begin to extract any moisture from your home. The mold remediation team will then be able to remove and clean up mold throughout your home.

At this point, the drywall crews will begin repairs in most cases with a professional restorer.

Before doing any restoration actions, the experts will secure the property by boarding up your windows and doors.

The experts will also begin to remove any damaged carpeting, floor tiles, wood flooring, or wall coverings that need replacement.

As you can see, the steps for fire damage restoration are quite extensive. Not every company is equipped to handle such tasks, but you can trust Tacoma Fire Restorations without a worry, as we’ve done many restoration projects without a hiccup.

Before removing any of the underlying material, fire restoration involves the extraction of water from the property.
Water needs to be removed from your house due to the following reasons:

  • Mold Prevention: If water stays in your home, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • Safety: Removing water reduces the chance of an electrical hazard due to water pooling on top of potential hazards such as washer, dryer, dishwasher, or stove circuits.
  • Damage Prevention: Removing water from the premises also reduces the chances of additional damage from mold and corrosion.

In some cases, fire may have been started from a water source such as a washing machine or sink, so it is important to remove any standing water to prevent re-ignition.

After all the standing water has been removed, the restoration company will extract any moisture that has permeated deep into your floors, carpets, and walls.

This is where the experts use powerful air movers of up to 60 inches in width that can be run 24 hours a day until the humidity level reaches below 40 percent.

After all the water has been removed, the experts go on to remove the debris from your property.

Materials that are considered debris include:

  • Carpet
  • Carpet padding
  • Clothing or upholstered furniture
  • Drapes, curtains, and blinds
  • Wall coverings such as paneling, wallpaper, paintings, etc.
  • Linens and clothing of any kind

Removing this debris is very important because it can cause health hazards as well as create a safety hazard due to the floor being unstable from the weight of the debris.

In addition, leftover soot and other chemicals can become airborne once they are disturbed by simply walking across them or opening doors. This is why it is crucial for all this material to be removed before cleaning your home.

Speaking of soot, once the debris has been removed, the restoration experts will remove the soot from your house. First, they will use air movers to get rid of the light soot that is on your walls and ceilings. This should be done within 24 hours of the fire in case any heat damage appears in these areas.

Then, a very fine water mist can be applied by using a fogging machine or something called a micro-fogger. The fog the expert uses will be warm and at least 95 percent humidity. This process is known as thermal fogging, and it actually cleans the walls while leaving a protective barrier that helps to prevent future damage too.

You should note that this process does not clean your carpets or furniture but only works for porous surfaces like drywall and ceiling tiles.

The professionals will also clean your upholstered furniture by using a process called wet-scrub cleaning. This allows the experts to deep clean surfaces in order to reduce odors and remove any soot, smoke, or chemicals that may remain on these items.

By the end, it’s time to repair the things that were damaged during the fire. These include:

  • Plumbing: In many cases of a fire, the plumbing in your house will be compromised due to heat and water damage. It is important that you have a licensed plumber check out your home as soon as possible to avoid long-term problems such as mold growth or other issues.
  • Electrical: The experts at Tacoma Fire Restoration know what they are doing when it comes to electrical repairs as well as installations. They are safe and highly trained, so they can work on the wiring in your home to ensure your safety, which includes re-wiring outlets, switches, etc. These experts also deal with non-working appliances that were brought back into the house before being properly tested for safety issues.
  • Flooring: After a fire, the flooring needs to be restored as well. The flooring being repaired can be done in two ways – either by restoring the old part of the floor or replacing new tile before repairing it. The restoration company will assess the extent of damage to determine which method to choose.
  • Drywall Repair: The restoration professionals will also repair any drywall issues that were caused by the fire. These include holes, which will be filled and repaired with new drywall material to repair your walls. In addition, the experts may need to replace studs that were damaged from heat or water in order to get everything back into shape for a safe living environment once again.

Finally, after the repairs have been made, the professionals will take steps to remove any odors that are left behind.

They use an ozone machine that penetrates into the walls, padding, and other material in order to remove any smell or chemical that is left behind. This generally only takes one day to complete as well.

It’s imperative to remove the odor from your home because all of the chemicals that are used during a fire can affect your health. This means you could have respiratory issues or develop some form of chemical sensitivities if you allow the odors to remain in your home after a fire.

As evident, the fire damage restoration process is quite extensive. You can count on us as your designated Tacoma fire damage restoration company.

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